Why Is an MOT a Legal Requirement?

In the U.K., having an mot Check on a yearly basis (after three years if it is a new car) is a legal requirement. This test ensures that the car is roadworthy and is an annual test that many drivers fear. Many wonder why it is a legal requirement and what it actually means.

Originally to Test the Safety

Safety has always been a major concern for road users and pedestrians. In 1960, Ernest Marples made the MOT compulsory and was carried out on vehicles when they were 10 years old and every year after that. It was mainly to make sure the brakes, steering and lights were working fully. It took seven years for the initial testing date to be reduced to when cars were three years old due to a high number of failures.

The idea was that testing the brakes and lights etc. would make the roads safer for other drivers and pedestrians alike. Drivers would only need to account for human error and other drivers would be able to see oncoming and upcoming traffic.

Protecting the Environment

Now, the car check includes many more elements. More safety elements were added as governments realised that the tyres and windscreen wipers added some danger to other road users. The seat belts were also added to ensure passengers were safe in cars.

Now, car checkers will test the exhausts to make sure the vehicles are safe for the environment. The exhausts should only let out a certain amount of CO2 emissions. The battery is also checked for leaking, as well as to make sure it works correctly.

Save Money in the Long Run

While it seems like it costs a lot of money to Check mot each year, they do save money in the long run. Some of the problems can go undetected for long periods of time. Brake pads may be worn so much but not detectable until they have completely worn through. Exhausts may be letting out more emissions without anybody realizing until it is too late. The longer something is left, the more money it will usually cost to fix.

While they seem like an extra expense, the governments have created and updated the test to ensure the safety of drivers, pedestrians and then environment.

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How Fussy Eating Can Lead To Obesity in Later Life

When it comes to the problems surrounding the eating behaviours in British society, I don’t quite know where to being; there are too many to cover in a single post. The most pressing issue is the obesity crisis and factors which contribute to it, such as fussy eating habits. When you think of a fussy eater, you will generally imagine a child who pushes his food around his plate and refuses to eat what he is given. However, a fussy eater is not just someone who eats very little; it is someone who does not eat the proper food groups for kids. One specific type of “faddy” eating that is becoming more and more prevalent is that of children who live off a diet of junk food.

If your family eat a lot of takeaways and drink fizzy drinks, then it is only natural that your children will follow in your footsteps; you are their role model and when you don’t eat healthily they will feel no need to do so either. This is why it is important to research healthy kids meal ideas. Television dinner will become common, the whole family sitting around eating pizza from boxes or burgers and fries from a take out tub; this type of eating can have drastic consequences on your child’s health.

A diet that is high in carbohydrates and saturated fat is unhealthy for yourself and all your family members, and over time you may develop high blood pressure, high cholesterol or heart disease. If you think that your children will not be affected by their diet then you are mistaken; children as young as ten years of age are now commonly being diagnosed with such health conditions that used to be reserved only for the older generation.

When you child eats a lot of high fat foods it will affect her from an early age, and a child that was once active will spend more and more time simply slumped in front of the television or games console. This type of lifestyle is becoming more and more common in recent years and childhood obesity is becoming a major problem in the western world.

A fussy eater is not just someone who does not eat enough, and you should never become complacent about your child’s diet even when they appear to be physically fit. The tell tale signs of poor diet and fussy eating will soon start to show, and your child will become less active and will start to suffer from problems when exercising and may well develop problems with their breathing or with their circulation.

Obesity is prevalent all over the modern world, and although there are many programs in place to try and promote healthy eating for kids, far too many families ignore the advice. A child who is only slightly overweight when they are ten year old will become severely overweight by the time they reach their late teens unless something is done to stop the pattern.

If you have a child who refuses to eat anything other than junk food, do not think that they will be OK simply because they are consuming enough calories; this is simply not the case. You need to take a hard look at your diet and the dietary habits of your entire family, making changes to ensure that your children will grow up to be healthy and strong. The easiest way to get started with this is to search online for simple recipes for kids.

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Who is Better off: Renters or Buyers

For a lot of people, spending £700+ per month on a property to rent is simply throwing money down the drain. To buy a house and pay a mortgage means that you will own something, a tangible investment that offers emotional and financial security.

A survey from Rightmove has found that 58% of renters are essentially trapped into renting because they cannot afford to buy a house. The rest of the renters are either happy renting (13%) or want to buy someday but not now (28%). The government’s Help to Buy scheme has prompted nearly a quarter of renters surveyed to enter the buyers market and 18% of young adults living at home have been encouraged to buy thanks to the scheme.

The amount of renters entering the buying market is expected to increase by 6% but even with government schemes like Help to Buy, a deposit requires commitment, finances, and time and with rising housing prices it could mean that first-time buyers will still struggle with climbing onto the housing ladder.

Research from Halifax suggests that as a buyer you could be 10% better off per month than those who are renting. They concluded that the average cost of a 3-bedroom house would cost £673 per month in a mortgage payment but average rent cost is around £745.

The demand for rental properties is pushing up the cost of rental properties and though housing prices are dramatically rising, they are still cheaper than they were 5 years ago and mortgage rates have declined.

However, buying is not always more affordable. While in Aberdeen the average house price is 206,000 but the average rental price is 1,275 and Zoopla suggest that a buyer could be more than 99k better than a renter in 7 years. On the other hand, an average London renter could be £82,412 than a buyer.

Most buyers are going to be better off than those who are renting. Buyers are committing to a long-term investment than can pay off and fair better compared to those who rent. Of course not ever situation is the same nor is every market. Some locations are better to find property: Dundee, Aberdeen, and Glasgow while in others the renters are better off like London, Bedford and Bournemouth.

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Misconceptions about SEO

While the internet is one of the greatest technological advances ever made, it has a downside; conflicting information. There are so many information sources online that often contradict each other that it can difficult to know which source to trust. Over the years SEO myths and misconceptions have established themselves as facts so I spoke to an SEO Agency London in order to debunk the most common myths of SEO.

Keywords and Links are Key to SEO Success

While both play a role in SEO, they shouldn’t be the only factor you focus on. Search engine algorithms continue to become more complex and focus less on keywords and more on the meaning behind search queries, social media vitality, and even location. This should be good news for websites because you can write for your clients first and then worry about search engines second.

Bing who? It’s all about Google

According to a PPC Agency London, Google is the most popular search engine and while 1 trillion searches were done through Google in 2013, there were 3 trillion in total so that means two-third of searches are going through Bing, Ask.com etc. Bing powers Yahoo searches and has recently partnered up with Facebook and introduced Graph Search that helps people search for places and things through their friends likes. Therefore, while Google should be your primary search engine focus, Bing offers a lot of SEO opportunities.

Social Media is Irrelevant to SEO

Experts at Chillicow believe that social media has developed a SEO-irrelevant reputation but the fact is if people are talking about you company, sharing your links, and liking your content on social media it will show up in search engine results. Social media isn’t the driving factor behind SEO but an effective social media strategy is definitely relevant.

Sub Headers Matter

While there is differencing opinions on this factor for SEO, by and large it’s agreed that regardless if you are using H2 or H6 it’s not going to help your site rank better. It matters that your content is informative, relevant and quality. While H1 headers do have some relevance for SEO, the sub headers are simply styling purposes for those who land on your website so you should use them for user accessibility and navigating your website.

SEO is a One Time Job

The reason SEO myths need to be debunked is because the SEO game is constantly changing and that means your SEO strategy should be too. This doesn’t mean that you should change your homepage content every week to bring in new clients. Search engines are changing and so are your competition, market, and marketing methods. Your SEO strategy should be revisited rather frequently to check value and relevance.

SEO is essential to your websites success and an important tool that helps you search engine ranks. Hopefully by debunking common myths you can re-evaluate your SEO strategy and focus on getting quality hits on your page.

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How to Exit from an Interest Rate Swap Before its Termination

The use of Interest rate swaps and OTC clearing have become common place in modern day trading. However, it is also common for people to be conned when using interest rate swaps. This is why clearing houses are used to ensure that the swaps are totally legitimate and that one side cannot default on the contract that was drawn up. However, as much as a fantastic tool they may be because as they can be used to match up your liability obligations along with your income from financial assets, there are many reasons why you may wish to get out of a swap before the end of the contract.

An interest rate swap allows you to enter into an agreement with another party to swap a floating interest rate with a fixed one over a specific period of time. So, what exactly happens when you want to exit from a swap? Although interest rate swaps are potentially an excellent tool for your company, there may come a time when you simply do not wish to utilize the swap or its benefits anymore.

A swap may become an unnecessary complication to you; it may be that it is no longer profitable for you. What you need in this instance is a way to exit the swap before its expiry date. When a clearing house is used to draw up a swap contract, there will always be an expiry date whether it is a few months, five years, or more. If your swap rate is no longer profitable to you, or worse still it is making you lose money, you need to find a way out before you start to lose all the money you had stabilized or gained.

There are four different main ways that you can get out of an interest rate swap before its expiry date, and the first of these are a buy out. What this means is that as long as you pay the opposing party the market value, you will be able to exit the swap early. This option will not always be automatic however, so ensure that when your chosen clearing house draws up the initial contract that this get out clause is included.

Your next option is to enter in a second swap that will effectively offset the first one. For example, if your first swap was to receive a fixed rate in exchange with a fixed rate, if you enter into a second swap the opposite way round you should potentially be able to even out your profits and loss.

Another option when you want to get out of an interest rate swap is to sell it, all interest rate swaps having a value. Your nominated London clearing house can calculate the value of your swap and with the consent of the other party with which you are involved you can sell on your swap. However, if the other party involved in the swap is not willing to go ahead, you will have to find a different method to use.

Another way that will allow you to effectively get out of your swap, but without actually selling it is to opt for a swaption. This allows you to make a purchase that will offset the interest rate swap you originally bought whilst still taking part in it. This is very similar to simply buying into a second interest rate swap as in option two, but it means you can avoid possible volatility in the market.


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Improving Your Jogging Habits

It is no secret that one of the biggest issues we face in modern society is sedentary lifestyles. Everyone knows the importance of regular exercise yet most fail to perform the required amount. Perhaps is people could find a style of exercise which suits them, more people would exercise consistently.

Every dedicated, avid running today understands the importance of developing healthy habits in order to get into a productive jogging flow each day. Some people prefer specific types of shoes or clothing made from sweat absorbing materials. These days, more people are turning to different types of running styles in order to improve jogging and workout habits.

You may have heard something about barefoot running, but like most you may not know what that actually means. Barefoot running is the practice of running barefoot or wearing specially designed running trainers which give the same benefits as running barefoot. While it is widely debated amongst runners whether barefoot running is better than the traditional approach, there is strong evidence of improvements to a runner’s form and technique due to barefoot running shoes from vivo.

Not all jogging habits are good ones, but when it comes to form, you must be diligent. Most running injuries, both short term and chronic conditions, develop from poor running form. The pounding constantly on your feet, the swinging of your arms, and the position of your back and neck all make a crucial difference to your jogging performance. If you are able to track information about how your form shapes up to what your form should be, then you can avoid injuries and painful muscles much easier.

No two runners are the same and each person has their own preferences for jogging. Some like outside trails while others prefer the treadmill. Different running equipment contains benefits for different types of runners, whether you run ten miles a day or even if you walk for a short bit each morning. It will always benefit your workout habits and routine to do a little research on different running gadgets to see what gear will benefit your habits and techniques the most. All you have to do is start before you can start seeing some real changes in your jogging habits.

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Brushing Your Teeth Correctly

Though it may not be a political scale problem, it is a health issue we face in our society; a lot of people, do not know how to brush their teeth correctly and do it wrong throughout their entire life. This can be very dangerous for your dental health as the wrong way will not be effective enough to keep the appropriate hygiene in one’s mouth and will fail to prevent teeth diseases. The best thing you can do for this is to follow our tips for correct brushing below and to ask a specialist to show you as soon as possible. You can look for a dentist in harrow online and ask them for more information.

Before you start brushing your teeth, however, make sure that you have an appropriate toothbrush. Its bristles should be soft and from nylon, because ‘natural’ toothbrushes from animal hair may contain bacteria. The electric and laser toothbrushes are a great choice, too, and they may help a lot with your health hygiene. The toothpaste is also important; make sure yours is fluoride, as it will have a great effect on your teeth enamel. You can get toothpaste specialised to take care of a certain tooth problem or gums disease. Don’t forget to replace your toothbrush often – the newer it is, the better it works.

After you have the necessary equipment described above, you need to master the right technique. First of all, put a small amount of toothpaste, because if it is too much, you may find it quite uncomfortable to brush your teeth and end the whole process very soon. If you have consulted the professionals at a kensington dental clinic, he or she must have told you that you should hold the bristles at an angle of 45 degrees towards your gums. The motion you need to exert is short and vertical or circular and in no case across your teeth.

Have in mind that you should brush your teeth at least 3 minutes at a time. Don’t forget to brush your molars, too, because bacteria and microbes are surely stored there. The inner surface of your teeth is an important place to brush – don’t skip it and pay it the appropriate attention. Finally, gently brush your tongue, because it is the main source of bad breath and stores a lot of bacteria. After all this, rinse and, if you want, use additional materials like mouthwash or other dental products.

To cut a long story short, brushing your teeth can become fun and make a real sense if you know what you are doing. Talk to a dentist farringdon and ask for more information on how to brush your teeth. Use a good toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste and spend about 3 minutes every time you do it. Don’t forget to take care of your molars, the inner side of your teeth and your tongue. If you want, you can achieve even better effect by using mouthwash and other similar products.

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How an Accountant Can Improve the Company’s Budget

Many companies and institutions nowadays seem to have issues distributing their budgets and as we all know, every company runs according to money. Therefore, a company’s existence without the help of an accountant may be a difficult and expensive experience. There are a lot of companies who lose significant quantities of money just because they have not trusted the job of doing the accounting to someone who knows exactly what it takes to manage and improve the finances of a given company. Such people are the accountants Winchester, whose solid education and vast experience shows that they will not only keep the books of your company – they will also make sure nothing disappears in the books without an important reasons. In no time you will be able to modify and reconsider your budget, cutting the losses to a minimum.

The first thing the accountants Salisbury will do is to check your company’s spending. There are many unnecessary things a company pays for without thinking. However, these things harm the budget and can lead to significant losses without good reason. Some of these things like, for example, new furniture or a kitchen upgrade may be urgent, but if they are not, they can wait for times when the company has more funds or when there are adequate sponsors. By analysing your spending, your accountants will be able to improve your budget, making it more stable and reasonable.

Of course, the other area of your finances that needs analysing is your income. Your accountants Portsmouth will find a pattern in your profits and will be able to advise you how to expand your business. This will help you pay more attention to those areas that bring you significant income and make changes in the areas that are not working properly and are not giving the expected share. You will be able to choose which sectors to advertise more and which are doing well already and need only to be stabilised.

As for advertising, your accountants Basingstoke can help you perform that well, too. As promoting something is very expensive nowadays, you need a perfect marketing strategy, part of which is the budget allocation. If you don’t know what exactly you pay for advertising, your accountants will be able to tell you precisely how much has been spend on the various promotion ways your company uses. Then you can compare this with the results you get from the different methods and choose which of them to use in the future and which to stop using for now.

To cut a long story short, accountants are really important for every company. They are not only the people who ‘keep your financial books’, they are those who can analyse your income and outcome and advise you how to optimise it. Whether there is a change or a modification that can wait and would be unreasonable for the present moment or you pay too much for a promotion method that is of no use, your accountants in Southampton can help you find out and plan your next actions. All this will help your company and you to spend less and to earn more, thus achieving the perfect budget.

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Lib Dems Jewellery Tax

I know it is old news, but I feel compelled to bring it back to attention; the liberal democrats proposition of the jewellery tax. You can find an in depth article about it in the mirror online but it’ll give you the quick summary of it.

The liberal democrats had created plans to force families to pay taxes on any jewellery and other heirlooms they own. The scheme is french inspired and would grant tax inspectors the power and authority to go into homes and value rings, bracelets, necklaces, paintings, furniture and pretty much anything you could consider an asset. Householders would then have to pay a tax on the assets dependent on the value given by the tax inspectors and would face fines if they refused to let inspectors value their assets.

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